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October 18, 2021

Best 4 tips for PUBG

Best 4 tips for PUBG

Since it’s release, PUBG has drawn the attention of more than 400 Million. The increasing number not just increased the fun but also it has also made the “Chicken Dinner” even harder than earlier.

That doesn’t mean you can’t improve your playstyle and hunting skills to become a pro player. Cloud9’s Kaymind has 4 tips to improve your gameplay on the battleground, which he shared on a gaming news channel. For those who don’t know Kaymind, he is a squad member of the famous Cloud 9 – the team which won the .2018 Hong Kong PUBG world Invitational.

The player shares the following four tips to be a better PUBG hunter:

#1 Find the right sensitivity:

No matter what console or device you use to play the game, you should find the sensitivity which best suits your playing style. The movement, scope or the camera sensitivity, you should manually adjust it according to your ease. According to Kaymind, it makes a lot of difference.

#2 Choose any two weapons and master it:

There are a lot of choices for weapons in the game, from assault rifles to SMGs, and from pistols to snipers. It becomes tough to choose among these weapons. But, one should master the weapons which he can use flawlessly and knows everything about.

He mentioned his favorite guns which he can rule – they are an M416assault rifle, for SMGs he prefers UZI and Vector over UMP9, and he likes to usebolt action snipers when playing solo and prefers DMRswhen playing in a squad. MINI14 is a wise choice because of its high fire rate.

For choosing the gun you should spend time in the training room before playing.

#3 Landing on a medium populated area, find some early kills and get off:

This tip maximizes the chance of a chicken dinner if done wisely. For instance, you can jump in Pochinki and make some quick kills and get off using any vehicle. But choosing a UAZ or a Dacia will be effective instead of bikes and dune buggies.

#4 Analyze each death and use the game’s review tool:

Analyzing every death will let you understand the skill you are lacking. It is more important to not repeat the same mistake over and over again.

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