Apki beti ke name itne money investment kare or paye benefit

Apki beti ke name itne money investment kare or paye benefit

There was a time when people were often saving money in the name of their son. However, the way has changed now. Because the girl’s name savings can make you a millionaire.

The Sukanya Prosperity Scheme of the Central Government is giving you this opportunity. The account can be opened in the scheme till the age of 10 years of age. This will increase your investment, as well as get tax in the tax.

This account will be matched by your daughter at the age of 21. If you have invested 1.5 lakhs in this account every year, you will get more than 68 lakhs on maturity.

Where can the account be opened?

You can open Sukanya Samity account in any post office or a leading bank in the country. For that, going to the post office or bank will have to fill the form.

After filling the form, you have to deposit the money with cash, draft or check. You will also get a pass book after depositing the money. So you can see the full account of your money.

These documents will have a need

You need to have documents which you need to open an account in Sukanya Scheme

– Daughter’s Birth Certificate
– Parental Address Proof
– Parental Identity Proof
When can you get rid of money?

Under the Sukanya Samity Account, you can sell 50% of the amount deposited in the account when your daughter is 18 years old. You do not have to pay any kind of tax on this videolle. On the occasion of your daughter’s wedding, you can block all the money by placing it in the accoun

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