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October 18, 2021

2018 me whatsApp me aya ye badlav

WhatsApp me aya ye badlaav 2018

1) WhatsApp Payments is based on the Unified Payments Interface (UPI)

2) Forwarding restrictions are currently tested in India

3)Group admins now have extensive controls

*WhatsApp started the year with a bang, with the user base hitting 1.5 billion monthly active users.

Since then its year has been pretty eventful, what with launching or testing new features with high frequency.

Of course, fake news – the bane of many a social media platform – has become a pain point for WhatsApp too.

So it came as no surprise when the company announced it is testing measures to curb the menace

New WhatsApp features of 2018

WhatsApp: New Features and Updates WhatsApp Introduced in 2018

1. Download all data

In line with the EU’s new guidelines for data privacy, GDPR or European General Data Protection Regulation, that came into effect on May 25,

WhatsApp has made available the ability to download all the data that has been collected by WhatsApp, on you, since you made your account on the platform. To request the data that WhatsApp has on you, you need to head over to Settings > Account > Request Account Info. Once done, you will be taken to a page where you have to click Request Report. Of course, messages will not be included in this data due to end-to-end encryption.

Do note that the data report will be generated only after about three days of submitting the request, and the data will be available for download only for a few weeks after that. Actions such as account deletion, number/ device change, and account re-registration will cancel the request.

WhatsApp: New Features and Updates WhatsApp Introduced in 2018

2. Suspicious link indicator

Rolling out widely to WhatsApp beta for Android users as of July 2018, the new Suspicious Link Indicator feature has been added to WhatsApp updates amidst an effort to cut down spam, spoofing, and phishing instances on the platform. WhatsApp beta on Android 2.18.221 includes the ability to label a ‘Suspicious Link’, as such, whenever detected locally by the app.

This is expected to warn unknowing users before they mistakenly open a malicious link. The app also gives out another warning when the user attempts to open the link.

7. Forwarding restrictions

Ever since the news of mob lynchings related to fake news on WhatsApp came to light, WhatsApp announced that  it is testing putting strict limits on message forwarding on the platform in India.

As per a statement by the Facebook-owned company, forwarding limit of up to five chats per user might be put into place soon, along with the removal of the forwarding shortcut from media messages.

In yet another move to combat the spread of misinformation, WhatsApp recently announced that it will start labelling forwards with a new ‘Forwarded’ tag to inform users of the action. This can allow recipients to stay alert and possibly fact check the text before sending it to others.

3. Group video and voice calling

As mentioned above, WhatsApp group video and voice calling is official now for Android and iPhone users.

4. WhatsApp Payments

Easily the biggest launch of this year for the messaging app in India was the integration of payments. Based on the Indian government-backed UPI or Unified Payments Interface, WhatsApp Payments is essentially a simple way to transfer funds to your contacts by entering in your UPI pin.

While other platforms such as PhonePe, Paytm, and BHIM have already made the feature popular, integrating it onto a massively popular platform like WhatsApp has only helped it grow in India which is one of the biggest markets for the messaging platform.

The feature can be accessed by going into an individual conversation or a group, clicking on the Attachmenticon, setting up your UPI account, and making the payment the usual way. It is available on Android, iPhone, and Windows Phone.

WhatsApp: New Features and Updates WhatsApp Introduced in 2018

5. Group admin controls

WhatsApp in 2018 put a lot of its focus on enhancing groups and admin controls. First of all, group creators received the ability to change a group’s description, as did participants in the group. However, group admins have the option to restrict participants from changing the description.

Admins can also choose between All Participants and Only Admins to decide upon who can change the subject and icon of the group. In an update this year, WhatsApp also disabled the ability to remove group creators.

Another highlight of updates to WhatsApp groups in 2018 was a new feature that allows group admins to restrict participants from sending messages in the group.

Most likely formulated for WhatsApp groups that are involved in buying and selling of products, this feature is expected to cut down on spam. To be able to use it, admins need to go into Group Info > Group Settings > Send Messages. From here, two options – All Participants and Only Admins – will be revealed.

6. Use Siri to send group messages

An extension of using Siri to send individual messages on WhatsApp for iPhone, first introduced in 2016, is the ability to use Apple’s digital assistant to send messages in groups on the platform. To send a group message using Siri, users need to say “Hey, Siri!”

or press and hold the iPhone’s home button and then ask, “Send a message to group (name).” Once you select the appropriate group from the list it offers, you can speak out loud your message which will be sent to the same group.

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